8 Step Guide To Throw A Wedding Under Five Lakh Budget

Guidelines To Throw A Wedding Under Five Lakh Budget

A wedding day is a significant event that brings in a new chapter of love, happiness, and treasured memories in life. However, planning a grand wedding comes with the fear of going over budget. With careful preparation, creativity, and a touch of reality, it is possible to have a perfect wedding under five lakhs. In this blog, let's guide you to profitable tips to achieve the right balance between fulfilling your dreams by staying within your financial terms and making this special day unforgettable without going over budget.

Plan Your Wedding Budget

Start by listing all the necessary elements, like location, catering, decorations, photography, and entertainment. Determine the local average cost for each item and distribute money accordingly. Set priorities for what matters most, but be realistic and ready to make changes. Note it in a diary or make a spreadsheet to track spending and update it frequently. Regularly discuss the budget with your family and be open to making wise choices to create a lovely and unforgettable wedding.

Choose a Less Expensive Venue

Community halls are often more affordable than wedding venues. Decorate it beautifully to suit your wedding theme. Outdoor venues like parks or gardens can provide a natural and charming backdrop for your wedding ceremony. Consider booking a banquet hall for your wedding on a weekday, as they may offer discounted rates compared to weekends. Some social clubs or organizations have event spaces available for rent at lower costs. Choose a shorter event time and avoid peak wedding seasons to save money on venues.

Budget-friendly Catering

Catering is a significant expense at any wedding. Several ways are available to make it more budget-friendly without sacrificing delicious food and a delightful dining experience. Consider buffet-style or family-style meals instead of a sit-down dinner to reduce serving expenses and food waste. Look for local or family-run catering services as they offer reasonable packages compared to larger companies and use seasonal and locally sourced ingredients to add a special touch to the menu. Discuss your budget constraints with the caterer to customize a menu that meets your needs and stays within your budget. Compare the offerings of various caterers after requesting quotations from them.

Simplify The Decorations

Utilize simple draperies and fairy lights to create a basic theme. Look into renting furniture and using modest tablecloths. Engage friends and family to reduce costs while creating a magical and unique experience. Wholesale markets offer items in bulk at lower prices, which can save more money. From decorations and flowers to favors and even some outfits, planning before, sticking to your theme, and comparing shops for buying in bulk from these markets can significantly reduce your wedding expenses, making it easier to stay within your budget and have the wedding you've always wished for.

Renting Wedding Outfits

Wedding outfits can be expensive, and renting offers a cost-effective option without compromising style or elegance. It provides access to designer clothes at lower costs, solves storage problems by encouraging sustainability, and enables people to dress differently for different wedding events. Look for sales, discounts, and off-season shopping to purchase beautiful dresses or suits at a fraction of the original price. Exploring local boutiques and smaller designers can also yield unique and budget-friendly options. Make sure to negotiate prices with the boutique or designer to fit your budget.


Invitations play an important role in establishing the tone of the wedding. Choose affordable invitation options like e-invitations to save money, and they are eco-friendly. Explore local printing options or online platforms that offer more budget-friendly designs than traditional printed invitations. Keep the invitation design simple and elegant, as elaborate designs can increase printing costs. Limit the number of inserts and choose RSVPs through email or phone to save on postage. DIY invitations can add a personal touch while being budget-friendly.

Wedding Photographer

A key step in organizing a low-cost wedding to capture the beauty and emotion of your special day is selecting the right photographer. Find local photographers or budding professionals who offer competitive packages at affordable prices. Check their portfolios to ensure their style aligns with your vision for the wedding photos, and customize a package that meets your needs. Consider hiring them for a shorter duration, focusing on important events like the ceremony and reception. Choose digital photo albums instead of printed ones to save money.

Entertainment Alternatives

Keep a lookout for hiring a local DJ or a skilled amateur musician to play live music at the ceremony and reception. Have a sound system to play the songs from the playlists you've made for the reception and mehendi functions. Encourage a dance party with your family and friends to keep the celebration lively. Adding Photo booths with elegant backdrops attracts guests to take delightful pictures. It is a budget-friendly addition to creating lasting memories.

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