A Complete Guide to Planning a Wedding Event

Tips & Guidelines to Plan a Perfect Marriage Event Under Budget

Weddings are known for their splendor, extensive traditions, and wild celebrations that might last for many days. An Indian wedding requires much planning, but it also presents an opportunity to create a memorable and culturally significant occasion. Indian weddings are renowned for their exquisite dining, beautiful decorations, and pompous events. Without delicious food, a wedding is seen as incomplete. The bride and groom's families have an input in the selection of the cuisine. At Indian weddings, the food is always cooked to the highest standards to please the guests. This blog will help you through the necessary procedures to arrange a fantastic wedding.


Creating a detailed budget that covers every aspect of the wedding, from the venue and catering to clothing and decorations, is the first step in planning any wedding. It can be expensive and challenging to stay within a set budget while planning an Indian wedding. If you break down all the costs, you may design the ideal wedding on a tight budget. Dissect the costs, occurrences, and parts. Identify potential savings by creating a spreadsheet.

Date And Location

Pick an off-season wedding date if you want to save money. Choosing temples and churches is the best option. Off-season weddings are more likely to provide lower pricing and a more comprehensive range of venues and service providers. At the same time, the winter is usually the off-peak for weddings.

Plan The Guest Lists

Making a guest list in advance will help you avoid last-minute hassles. Guest list entirely depends on your venue's capacity and spending limit. But these are the categories to think about while selecting your wedding guest list, presented in importance order: Close friends, coworkers, distant relatives, members of one's own family, and children.

Select The Vendors

Research and hire credible professionals familiar with the peculiarities of weddings and can capture the beauty of your special day. Indian weddings require several vendors, including photographers, videographers, caterers, decorators, and musicians.

Plan The Ceremonies

Indian marriages frequently include several ceremonies, including the Mehendi (henna application), Sangeet (musical evening), Haldi (turmeric ceremony), and the main wedding ceremony. To ensure the authenticity and significance of these ceremonies, consult with your family and religious leaders while planning and carrying them out.

Attire And Jewelry

According to their area and culture, Indian brides and grooms dress traditionally. Start your wedding dress shopping early if you want to find the ideal clothing. Be aware of the elaborate jewelry and other accessories accompanying the bridal gown.

Food And Catering

Indian cuisine is excellent and diversified, with various dishes for every taste. Create a menu with your caterer that incorporates classic and contemporary cuisine while considering food preferences and dietary boundaries. Traditionally, talented cooks prepare the meal for the wedding. The preferences of people are changing today, and many of them choose various styles of catering services. When using catering services, choosing your menu comes first. The meal is chosen with your budget in mind. Remember that the goal is to select an experienced caterer who offers you the food you choose within your price range. The caterer will make all the arrangements once you've made your selection.

Decor And Themes

In Indian weddings, the decor is essential since it creates the mood and atmosphere for each celebration. Pick a color scheme and theme that fits your personal preferences and cultural context. Consider your venue's climate and the time of year when designing your wedding's decorations because these factors will influence your overall style. Time of year is particularly true with flowers because local flowers are far more affordable when in season.

Entertainment And Music

For the wedding ceremony, many individuals choose to hire live musicians. String ensembles and other instrumental groups rank among the most well-liked choices. Live musicians must be given a list of the songs if you employ them. Hire a DJ or live band to keep the dance floor packed with various Western and Indian songs. Think of choreographed dances to incorporate friends and family in the Sangeet or Mehendi celebration.

Plan Your Wedding Events With Bamboo Events And Planner

Indian wedding planning is an elaborate and culturally rich process that requires careful consideration of customs, rituals, and logistics. Remember that your wedding reflects your own story, embrace the beauty of Indian culture, and keep your love for one another in the forefront. On your big day, You can demonstrate your devotion and love for your soul mate while being supported by others. Try to slow down and savor each moment of your ceremony and wedding day because they will go by quickly; you deserve to enjoy it fully after all your hard work and preparation! You may plan a lavish and wonderful Indian wedding that honors your love and heritage by establishing a budget, deciding on a date and location, picking the best providers, and paying close attention to the details. You can hire wedding planners for a stress-free process and get help in every step. Bamboo Events Planning and Decor, Coimbatore, India, will provide free consultation sessions during which you can pick from our extensive list of wedding planning services that can be customizable.